November 30, 2009

The Cutest Little Things

It's snack time!
I've been gradually trying to get into the routine of being more environmentally-conscious, and one of my recent endeavors is giving up plastic baggies in exchange for sewn cotton pouches. I made this little guy this morning with some leftover fabric from a dress I made this summer and some velcro I got at a craft store. I found the pattern here from reprodepot, but changed the dimensions to my own liking. And I am already in love! So much cuter than ziplocs and I feel better knowing that I can reuse them.


November 14, 2009


My friend gave me this awesome purple cake stand for my birthday. Along with it, a mix of spice-flavored cupcakes from Sprinkles! They were fun to make, but were slightly more complicated than your traditional Betty Crocker mix ~ you just need to be more patient with them because the recipe calls for adding ingredients a little bit at a time. However, the recipe does not mention that this will cause the mix to poof all over your face. Aside from that, everything seems to have gone well. I like that they included their trademark "modern dots." They don't taste like anything but they sure are cute!

Some of my friends are coming over soon so we will be able to see if these taste as delicious as the store-made kind. Au revoir!

edit: They were delicious and almost as good as the store-made kind :)